Poor AV sync is one of the most annoying and complained about problems. Trying to check any system manually isn’t accurate, wastes time, and relies on guessing with trial and error adjustments.

Sync-One2 gives you, in real-time, the audio-video (lipsync) delay/error/offset in a system such as AVID ProTools, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a digital or home cinema, an installed AV system, or anywhere where the audio and video take different paths.  You see the error/offset in milliseconds and frames.  Automatically calculated statistics show a system’s actual status and can highlight errors such as frame rate mismatches.

From firmware v2.3.0, Speaker Polarity or phase testing is also available.  All Sync-One2 v2 units have free firmware updates for life.

Using a Sync-One2 is simple, fast, and accurate.  A system can be checked and corrected in just a few minutes.  You can find details of common sync problems in the FAQ.

  • Post Production or film editing, excellent AV sync is essential to the production process.
  • Professional AV, ensures your systems are installed correctly for your clients.
  • Digital Cinema or Home Cinema, when installing or checking a cinema, ensuring the sync is accurate is very important.
  • Offer System Calibration services, then complete the job by ensuring correct sync.
  • Looking for Sync in Live or Broadcast events, use a Sync-Generator in front of the camera and a Sync-One2 to take the measurements.
  • If you are looking for a replacement for the discontinued Syncheck3™, Sync-One2 is the more capable and lower-cost alternative.

Sync-One2 is the tool you need if you care about accurate audio-video sync.

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ProTool Expert Editors Choice Award

“if you work with picture and sound, this is, pound for pound, probably the most important box you can buy” – Mike Aiton

Home Cinema Choice Review

“The Sync-One2 is for those who want perfect AV sync…and works faultlessly.” – Jon Thompson

Sync-One2 is the reference tool of choice of professionals, trusted worldwide in Post Production, Digital Cinema, Professional system Calibration, equipment manufacturers, TV networks, streaming service providers, and many more who rely on accurate AV sync.  Sync-One2 is embedded within the test and compliance suites for many equipment manufacturers and test houses worldwide.

Please follow the links below for more details, including the full features and specifications, support, 100’s of test files available for download, details of tests on streaming services and details of supported calibration Blu-Ray discs, plus where to purchase a Sync-One2.

Features and Specifications

For all the features and specifications of Sync-One2



Support for your Sync-One2 and where to get test files and calibration discs


Where to buy

Where you can purchase Sync-One2