As display and audio technologies move to ever more complex and higher resolution systems (4K, UHD, HDR, Dolby ATMOS etc.), the processing requirements can easily cause AV synchronisation issues.  In addition, each component change, software, or firmware update has the potential to alter the AV sync in a system.  Watching content with poor AV sync is one of the most annoying and complained about problems.

Sync-One2 accurately measures the period between an audio beep and video flash (e.g. a 2-pop / flash frame or similar, clearly displaying the delay and if the audio leads or lags with reference to the video.  The error is displayed in milliseconds (1/1000th of a second) and, if desired, also in frames, in real-time.   You may also enable a running average to average potentially 1000's of readings, and again this is displayed in milliseconds or frames.  A memory buffer of the most recent 60 readings is available, including the average and span statistics to help check overall system stability or drift.

Sync-One2 will work with any resolution or type of display, so it is 4K / UHD / HDR-ready, OK with LCD, OLED, Plasma, and Projectors.

Sync-One2 has the following core features.

  • Simple one-handed operation, turn on Sync-One2, and it's ready to go
  • Easy to read OLED display
  • Internal microphone and external audio input via a 3.5mm audio jack
  • A simple menu system to adjust settings and set options
  • Settings and options are retained, even if the batteries are removed, although the memory buffer is cleared at shutdown
  • Self-calibrating to help reduce false readings from ambient light and noise
  • Additional support for testing in spaces with long reverberation times
  • Real-time output in milliseconds/frames, You can also display a rolling real time average in milliseconds or frames
  • Statistics are calculated automatically on the last 60 readings taken for average and span, in milliseconds and frames
  • Fast startup, ready to take measurements in just a few seconds
  • USB Mini-B port for data logging, an API to enable remote control, and to supply power
  • The ability to add a custom startup splash text via the API interface or Sync-One2 can be ordered with permanent startup splash text.
  • Firmware upgradeable for new features and bespoke customisation is available

Made in the UK

Compliance to standards

CE Mark

EN 55103-1:2009 Part 1 (EMC Emissions)
EN 55103-2:2009 Part 2 (EMC Immunity)
EN 55103-2:2009 (Magnetic Immunity)
IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD)

RoHS compliant and lead free