Sync-One2 was originally designed to easily, quickly, and accurately measure the AV sync during testing of commercial installations. However, checking spaces was time-consuming, and even with a keen eye, not totally accurate.  Unable to find an affordable product, Sync-One2 was designed to meet this requirement.

An early version of Sync-One2 raised some questions from curious people wondering what was going on. Then, after a brief explanation, they asked if they could have one too.  So in late 2013, Sync-One2 was made available to others.

More features were added at the request of those in the Post Production, film, and TV industry to cater to a broader range of users. In August 2018, version 2 was released with even greater accuracy, an audio input port, and an API interface.

Sync-One2 has become the reference tool to ensure accurate AV sync and is used by many household names in Post Production, Digital Cinemas, and TV networks worldwide.

Also available from Harkwood Services is cmdBridge.  This is a real-time command protocol translator designed to reduce the costs of AV system maintenance, especially where the control system source code is unavailable.