Sync-One2 user manuals are available in PDF format (opens in a new window) or downloading by right-clicking and choosing to save or download.

For Post Production tools such as AVID Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc., a wide selection of test files are available for download via the links below.

We recommend the AV Sync tests within the Spears & Munsil calibration Blu-Ray discs for home cinema users.  In addition, the UHD HDR Benchmark Blu-Ray contains specific tests for Sync-One2.  If using HD Benchmark 2nd Edition Blu-Ray, ensure you measure the top or bottom flash bar when running the tests, and please pause the test playback to let Sync-One2 calibrate when taking measurements.  The Spears and Munsil discs are also available via our online store at a discounted rate when bought with a Sync-One2.

Sync-One2 v2 users, if you have extended the Mask Time, it is best not to use variable spaced test files.

There is starter Python code on GitHub to assist those wishing to use the API interface.

All versions of Sync-One2 come with a 2-year warranty.

Test Files

A number of AV Sync test files are available for download, in a variety of formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions area if you have a query over Sync-One2, it is quite possible that we have answered the questions before.

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for Sync-One2 v2 to add functionality or enhance performance


If you have a query over Sync-One2 not found in the FAQ, please e-mail or complete the form below, please include your Sync-One2 serial number if available.

Sync-One2 v2 users can generate a support code from the System Info menu option.  When the serial number and firmware revision is shown, press and hold the down arrow key and a Support Code will be displayed after a few seconds.  The code is displayed whilst the down arrow key is held down.  This code identifies the unit, firmware revision, and any installed / activated options.

Suggestions for any special, additional features, or tweaks are welcome too, as is any feedback on Sync-One2 in general - good or bad we love feedback.