The folks at Pro Tools Expert have had a Sync-One2 for review.  These guys are a collection of professionals who work in the Post Production industry, they rely on the accuracy of their systems to create the content you watch every day.

The reviewer, Mike Ainton, a very well respected Dubbing Mixer / Sound Designer and BAFTA member gave Sync-One2 an Editors Choice Award.


My AJA IOXT with DNXHD36 QT is completely and utterly rock solid and MOJO like in Pro Tools 11.3.1 as demonstrated in the video. This box is stunningly accurate and very easy to use. “The king is dead, long live the king”.

At slightly under £200 exc vat, which considerably cheaper than its predecessor Syncheck3, if you work with picture and sound, this is, pound for pound, probably the most important box you can buy. What’s more, Jeremy the developer is highly supportive and very proactive.

Don’t have one?  Go and buy one now. I am buying one and I am so impressed with Sync-One-2, it gets an Editors Choice award from me.

The full review on the Pro Tools Expert website can be found here.