Our AV test files are available in various resolutions, frame rates, video and audio codec.  All files are in .zip format, even so some files are large.  Files are 60 seconds in duration, with a 10 second lead in/title page, the lead is to permit Sync-One2 to calibrate without the need to pause the file and to ensure playback is stable.

Some files are available in two different styles, a regular beep at a 1 second interval or a variable rate, the latter are better to check on the jitter of a system.

There are a few makes of equipment that have quite active power management, this can cause issues with complete silence between the beeps (PCM of zero issues).  To counter this a number of files have the option of a low level (-40dB) pink noise to prevent the power management from engaging.

If you need a test file not provided here, please get in touch with your Sync-One2 serial number or for v2 users the support code, and we can look at generating one for you.

These AV sync test files have been created for use with Sync-One2, although they can be used in a variety of other situations too.

You can also download the 'Digislate' App for iOS created by Wimbledon Sound that has a test pattern for Sync-One2.  Owing to the problems of not running on dedicated hardware it isn't a perfect sync, but close enough for a quick check.  It's available from the Apple AppStore.

Files are organised by resolution and are available by following the buttons below.