We have been hard at work and it’s time to to let you know what we have been up to.

So here is a quick sneak peek of the soon to be released Sync-One2 V2.

Since Sync-One2 launched back in 2014 and has become the reference standard for Sync measurement.  Over the years several customised versions have been developed for customers, adding in external power, data logging, wired audio inputs, and even company branded versions.  We have decided to wrap up all the various custom versions over the years and roll them into an upgrade.

So Sync-One2 V2 is born, externally it is almost identical to the original, but with an audio input and mini-USB port.  The Audio port is self explanatory, you will be able to connect directly to a systems audio.  The mini-USB provides data logging of readings and, via an API, permits control of Sync-One2 V2.  The USB can also provide power (no need to remove the batteries) and enables future firmware updates.

Internally it’s all new, with enhanced accuracy and a major re-write of the firmware to optimise performance.  New features are also going to be added based of feedback received, if you wish there was something extra it could do, please drop us a line.

Expect to see the formal release of Sync-One2 V2 around August 2018.