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Cambridge, UK, August 2018 Harkwood Services Ltd, the designer and maker of Sync-One2, the reference tool of choice for the measurement of Audio Video synchronization in Post Production facilities, Professional AV, Digital Cinema, Systems Calibration providers, and TV networks around the world, announces Sync-One2 v2.

This new version further extends the capabilities of the original by adding an external audio input, a USB port, and several new software features. The USB port permits data logging and an API interface for remote control of Sync-One2 v2, enabling easy access to features and measurement statistics.  This enables users to easily generate system certification reports for systems and paves the way for third parties to automate the testing and adjusting of systems.

Sync-One2 v2 enables any systems Audio-Visual synchronization to be tested accurately and quickly, without wasting time attempting to correctly set a system by making adjustments by trial an error.  Sync-One2 v2 saves time and enables accurate measurements so improvingthe quality of system commissioning and calibration.  This element of testing a system is essential to enable any solution to perform at its best, everyone knows how annoying it is when the sync is out between the audio and video.

Sync-One2 v2 will start shipping mid August, full details are on the website

Harkwood Services Ltd is an independent AV/IT Consultancy founded in 2011, and since 2014 also offers custom hardware and software solutions to help solve problems where no off the shelf solutions are available.

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